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The OBS Story

Or, why we make 🙏 emotionally aware, 🌱 plant-based goods.
By Tyler Goelz

About Us | OBSHiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail near Newfound Gap in the Summer of 2017

My name is Tyler Goelz and I'm a founder at OBS.

When I was in elementary school, my mom was called in for a parent-teacher conference to talk about how I had formed a habit of walking up to my friend's parents and hugging them - the only problem was I didn't know their parents.

As a kid, I wanted to hug everyone 🤗 as an adult, I still want to hug everyone.

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Every purchase helps improve human rights. Now THAT is something to feel good about. 

Fast forward 20 something years.

I’d like to tell you that we started OBS with the intent of creating emotionally aware goods and improving human rights. But, to tell you the truth OBS started as a home experiment.

None of this would be possible without Ethan Tran and Joel Serino, btw... hi guys! 👋

About Us | OBS Testing out one of our first batches of Citrus Beard, Scruff, and Shave Oil

We quickly found out after a few test batches that it was almost impossible to make just enough product for our own needs. So, we refined our recipes, found the purest plant-based ingredients possible, and wrapped our creations in sustainable packaging. OBS was born.

We want to help men feel better 😌

Our mission has become clear since Joel, Ethan, and I made our very first batch of products. We are dedicated to improving how men feel. We've selected our ingredients based on how they will affect a mood, emotion, and energy.

We want to help humans feel better 🌎🌍🌏

In addition to our emotionally aware products, we are dedicated to improving human. We are continuing to partner with human rights groups and movements to share the revenue our products make to progress ALL humans.

Get involved. Feel Better.

Whether you want to help yourself, your dad, your brother, your son, or just another human being feel better, we want to help you do it.

Start feeling better today

Every purchase helps improve human rights. Now THAT is something to feel good about.