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What goes into each and every bottle of Beard, Scruff, and Shave Oil?

Written by Team OBS on May 13, 17

From start to finish, every bottle of beard, scruff, and shave oil produced by Organic Beard Supply is made with quality in mind. We start with carrier oils traceable to their country of origin, essential oils thoroughly tested for quality, and eco-friendly packaging.

Every bottle is hand numbered with a batch and bottle number.
Every bottle is hand numbered with a batch and bottle number.

Each bottle contains a premium blend of organic carrier oils and food grade essential oils.

The carrier oils and essential oils are hand blended in small batches to ensure quality, highlight every ingredient as much as possible, and to introduce feedback from previous batches as quickly as possible.

Camper, our outdoor/woodsy scent, was created by request from one of our most loyal customers. He asked for something with tons of cedar wood - and, in the next production cycle Camper was born.

From start to finish, a small batch of beard, scruff, and shave oil can take up to four days to blend and a day to bottle. The blending process is slow and the oils must marry together before we can bottle. It takes patience but the end result is beard, scruff, and shave oil guaranteed to prevent itch beneath facial hair and irritation from shaving.

Try our hand blended, bottled, and numbered beard, scruff, and shave oils.