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Our products, along with our mission, are created to help men feel better.

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Our Mission

OBS is dedicated to improving human rights through partnerships, outreach, and community support.

For every purchase you make, a percentage will go to human rights groups.

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Beard, Scruff, and Shave Oil Benefits

Prevent dry, itchy skin beneath facial hair.

Our unique blend of oils are guaranteed to prevent dry skin beneath facial hair.

Strengthen & soften your beard or scruff.

Reduced split ends and breaking promotes growth while softening hair to the touch.

Reduct skin irritation while (and after) shaving.

Every bottle of beard oil is mixed, labeled, and numbered by hand in small batches to ensure quality.

Blended to help you feel better.

Each of our unique scents has it's own set of benefits derived from the essential oils used.

Prevent itch beneath facial hair.
Reduce irritation when shaving.

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