Guaranteed to prevent itch
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Prevent Itch, Guaranteed.

Organic beard oil guaranteed to prevent itch beneath facial hair.

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Our Story

Organic Beard Supply was created to give it's founders, employees, customers, and supporters the ability to be more humanitarian within their communities.

With every bottle of beard oil purchased, we move one step closer to helping men with facial hair look, feel, and be better.

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Beard Oil Benefits

Prevent itchy skin beneath facial hair.

A leading factor of men shaving their facial hair is itch. Stop the itch with our unique blend of oils.

Handmade with love.

Every bottle of beard oil is mixed, labeled, and numbered by hand in small batches to ensure quality.

Strengthen & soften facial hair.

Strengthen and soften your facial hair with our unique blend of carrier oils.

Aromatherapy in every bottle.

Each scent has a unique set of benefits derived the essential oils used.

Prevent Itch Beneath Facial Hair.

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